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About us

Find out about who we are...

​Our Story

We are a Protestant Evangelical Church based in Kutchan town, covering the Niseko area.

Started in 1953, by missionaries, David Hayman (AU) and Doug Abrams (UK), the church was one of the first started by OMF (formerly CIM) in Japan. 

The present church building was constructed in 1969.

The church is a member of JECA (Japan Evangelical Church Association).

Our staff

Pastor Murata and his wife, Yae live in the Niseko area with their 2 boys and a dog.

The Pastor (Keita) was brought up in a Christian home, and previously worked for the Word of Life Press, as well as living and working overseas before settling in Niseko.  He then studied at Hokkaido Bible Institute and became the Pastor of the church.  During winter months he works part-time as a Snowboard Instructor.

Yae also grew up in a Christian home, but left the church for a while.  However at University she went to New Zealand on a working holiday and came to realise that the God of the Bible is real.  She loves Niseko, and her hobbies are Snowboarding, gardening, etc

​Our beliefs

​We believe that the One, true God created the Universe.  God loves us, and wants to show us love and mercy through Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross, and died as punishment for our sins, and rose again three days later.  And we also who believe, will not die, but have eternal life.  As a church, we confess the Apostle's Creed, which has been confessed since the days of the Early Christian Church.












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