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The notice relating to the corona virus

As you may be aware, the Governor of Hokkaido issued a Declaration of a State of Emergency on Friday, February 28 for the period ending on March 19, due to the spread of corona virus. At this point, Niseko Church plans to hold Sunday services as usual, but the plan may change depending on how the situation evolves. Please use your best judgement in deciding whether you will be attending the services.

Please refrain from coming to the Sunday service if you feel unwell. Sunday schools and lunches after the Sunday services will not take place during March.

How individuals react to and feel about this corona-related situation differ from person to person, but for the sake of everybody, please wear a mask during the service and take necessary cautionary measures.

Let us pray together that this situation is resolved shortly. Let us also pray for those who are in difficult circumstances as well as those who are working on medical treatment for a cure.

May the Lord protect all of us.

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